Harbor Freight Tools 93660 User's Manual

Harbor Freight Tools Patio Umbrella User's Manual - 93660.
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w/Aluminum Pole


When unpacking, check to make sure all parts shown on the back of this instruction sheet are included.  If any parts are missing or
broken, please call Harbor Freight Tools at the number shown on the front of this sheet as soon as possible.



NOTE:  All parts below refer to the parts listed on the reverse side of this instruction sheet.

1Caution:  DO NOT attempt to use this Umbrella in moderate or high wind conditions.  Doing so may cause personal injury

and/or damage to the Umbrella and personal property.  Be careful not to pinch fingers when opening and closing the Umbrella.

2. To assemble, insert Lower Pole (8) with its threaded end upward, securely into a 

heavy duty umbrella stand.

NOTE:  This Umbrella is intended for use only with a heavy duty umbrella stand which is not provided with this product.
Adjustable, heavy duty umbrella stands are sold separately by special order from Harbor Freight Tools (SKU 94041).

3. Screw the Connector/Crank (7) onto the threaded end of the Lower Pole.
4. Screw the Upper Pole (6), with its pre-attached upper umbrella assembly, securely into the top of the Connector/Crank.
5. Hand crank the Connector/Crank 

clockwise in order to raise the Hub/Runner (5)

above the self-locking Safety Lock (10), thereby locking the upper umbrella
assembly  into place. 

 The Umbrella is now ready for use.

6. If you wish to tilt the upper part of the umbrella for shade, press the “push

button”.  It will tilt to a 45 degree angle. To straighten up, reverse the tilt until the
tilt mechanism “clicks” into place for safety.  Note: When tilting, opening, or
closing the umbrella, watch your head for injuries.

 See Figure 1.

7. When finished using the Umbrella, crank the Connector/Crank 


until the upper umbrella assembly is completely closed.

                                                                  CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE

1.  To clean, fully open the Umbrella.  Wipe with a clean, damp cloth, using a mild soap with water if necessary.
2.  Periodically, lightly lubricate all moving parts.



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100% polyester, antique beige
colored fabric. UV treated, mil-
dew resistant with eight ribs, 9
ft. long, and an aluminum pole
with a tilt mechanism that will
angle at a 45 degree angle, left
or right.

Push Button (9)

Hub/Runner (5)

Figure 1